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INFORMATION ON THE RIGHT New World Cuisine Bongos are accepted at Maharaja Garden. New LIEGE by Bongo, are accepted at Maharaja Palace and the Maharaja Garden New Cadeaubox: No Kitchen ...
Posted on August 23, 2013 4:39 by Maharaja Palace

For 15 years, "a little piece of India in the heart of Liège" Published December 12 2013 11:28 by Maharaja Palace

Opening of the "Maharaja Royal" Rue Saint-Jean-en-Isle, 3 (next to the Maharaja Palace). This is a restaurant whose decor is very cocoon ...
Published by Maharaja Palace

  • Have you ever tasted?
  • - One of the Maharaja aperitif cocktails?
  • - A mango lassi or rose?
  • - A guava juice or mango?
  • - The Indian breads with different flavors?
  • - Our sorbets rose petals, cinnamon and
       the red pepper, the kush, ginger.
  • - Our ice cream: Kulfi, little monk, Sandalwood ...
  • - Our cake "exquisite Alliance"
  • - Your dishes washed down with Indian beer "King Fiesher or Cobra"
  • - Tannic Indian wine or Sula
  • - Our tannic wines: French> Madiran a variety
       rare, Chilean> reserved Merlot, Spanish>
       Grand Reserve, Argentinian harmonize ...
       wonderfully with dishes statements?
  • - Tea Massala?
  • - And grows coffee: Indian Rum, Grappa to
      Cinnamon liqueur pink or coconut ...

Your meal is prepared at your request and according to your wishes ...

We want you to live or relive some unforgettable moments you have experienced or that you will live ... Unforgettable smells of India is not only the delicate scent of jasmine, rose or sandalwood in the warm air. There is also the essential spices perfumes used in Indian cuisine. India is a country whose population exceeds one billion four hundred million. The many states of the country have their own specialties. Needless to say that the variety of Indian cooking is immense. It is colorful, fragrant and can be loud or soft. Your meal is prepared at your request and according to your wishes: slightly spicy - medium spicy - spiced . Without remark from you, your meal will be moderately spicy.

Being customize, and respect the wishes of each, requires a bit of patience on your part.
We hope that these few moments with us, will give you a little preview a wonderful country, you may have already discovered or you will probably find one day .... Thank you for your presence and enjoy! As we say in India: "My soul and yours unite"
Namasté !